Victory Assembly of God has pledged to raise

$10,000.00 in 6 months

to help Life Publishers and Bible Alliance bring Fire Bibles to Serbia.
Visit the display in the foyer to view our updated progress.
If you’d like to give towards our Fire Bible Pledge, please designate your donation as Fire Bible/Serbia and place it in the offering.
 Thank You!

About the Fire Bible

Fire Bible (also known as Full Life Study Bible) is a multilingual, Pentecostal study Bible containing comprehensive tools to assist pastors and leaders in bringing God’s Word to the world. It consists of notes/commentary written from a Pentecostal perspective, a concordance, theme articles, maps, and other study tools.
Some of the first translations released include Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese Fire Bibles.
The most recent project to be completed is the Nepali Fire Bible.
There are currently 60 Fire Bible language editions that have been completed or are in production.

Why “Fire Bible”?

Believers in China dubbed this tool the “Fire Bible” after receiving their copies of the Full Life Study Bible in the Chinese language. The Bible inspired them to lead a spirit-filled life, as it should in everyone who reads the pages. Wouldn’t it greatly help if the people could read it in their own language!
“This Bible is very, very helpful to us to teach on the Holy Spirit.
Because without [the] Holy Spirit we can’t do anything.”
– a pastor in Nepal
“Joy, happiness, amaze, wonderful, all of this comes up together…
those are the same feelings I have when I hold this book.”
– a pastor in Myanmar
“I’m so excited when I find this Bible…We need that in the Serbian language.
All what they need is there, in this Bible.”
– a pastor in Serbia