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Spiritually Lost: 82.2 %

Missionaries: 340

AG Churches: 83,530

AG Constituents: 23,149,000

While numbers of African churches and Christian converts are rising, there are still 18 Sub-Saharan nations with little or no Christian presence. Among the 48 countries of Africa are 867 unreached people groups who have yet to hear the Gospel. Of Africa’s 1.2 billion, much of the population suffers from illiteracy, undernourishment, and lack of medical attention.

Photo courtesy of AG World Missions.

Photo courtesy of LiveDead Arab World.


Spiritually Lost: 99.6%

Missionaries: 587

AG Churches: 23,540

AG Constituents: 2,663,700

Over 4,000 unreached people groups and 2.5 billion people – Eurasia suffers from geographic and social extremes, spiritual oppression, and a variety of religions and traditions. Cultural and government restrictions limit traditional methods of evangelism. A section of AGWM called LiveDead seeks to plant churches in teams among unreached people groups. The idea is to see native churches plant other churches.


Spiritually Lost: 97.3 %

Missionaries: 514

AG Churches: 11,090

AG Constituents: 1,753,600

Europe, once an advocate of evangelism and spiritual revival, now embodies religious ritual and apathy. Europe is the only region where overall church growth is declining. The sudden influx of Syrian refugees has boosted Europe’s Muslim population, and it’s estimated that 100,000 Muslim migrants have given their life to Christ over a 2 year span. That’s almost 10% of the million refugees that have fled from conflict to Europe.

Image courtesy of AG World Missions.

Image courtesy of AG World Missions.

N O R T H E R N  A S I A

Spiritually Lost: 93.7 %

Missionaries: 206

Unreached People Groups (UPGs): 467

There are nearly 100 million followers of Christ in Northern Asia among over 1.4 billion people without Christ. Intolerance of the church is increasing as the number of “communities of faith” increases. The majority of believers live in a single ethnolinguistic group. Outside of China, 400 million people representing over 450 UPGs remain untouched. The predominant religions are Muslim, Buddhist, animistic, and secular.

A S I A  P A C I F I C

Spiritually Lost: 95.1%

Missionaries: 364

AG Churches: 31,680

AG Constituents: 6,260,000

Asia Pacific’s population of 9 million live in vastly different areas, from remote jungle villages to sprawling cities. The majority are sick, illiterate, and hopeless, and suffer from frequent natural disasters as well as political unrest. There are 1,084 UPGs, a number of whom live in Papua New Guinea, and yet there are few missionaries in that region. Japan is one of the largest countries in the world, and the Gospel has never taken root.

Image courtesy of AG World Missions.

Image courtesy of AG World Missions.

L A T I N  A M E R I C A  C A R I B B E A N

Spiritually Lost: 84.2 %

Missionaries: 516

AG Churches: 207,910

AG Constituents: 27,534,800

Latin America Caribbean countries face political and economic instability. Thousands of the 640 million population live in remote areas, and isolation becomes a challenge to bringing the Gospel to the nearly 700 unreached people groups. Effective church planting is found in focusing less on a few mega churches and more on planting widespread community churches.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L  M I N I S T R I E S

International Ministries uses unique, specialized skills and services to reach the remote and restricted people of the world. Their focus is to assist missionaries and national fellowships world wide using everything from printed resources to construction expertise and medical assistance. These specific abilities are particularly helpful in restricted-access areas where traditional outreaches are impossible or aren’t as effective.


Image courtesy of AG World Missions.

Image courtesy of Chi Alpha.

U S  M I S S I O N S

It is estimated that the United States has an unreached population of 10.5 million. US Missions is dedicated to reaching men, women, youth, and children who would otherwise never set foot in a church through campus ministries, immigrant ministries, addiction ministries, youth ministries, and more. America is changing, but God and His Word never changes! It’s still our job to reach the lost, including those in our own backyards.
L O C A L   M I S S I O N S

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